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Benelli Ultra Light Butt pad broke


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I bought one of the new Benelli Ultra Light shotguns.

I've had it almost a month.

I took it out to shoot a few clays today.

This is the second time I've used it.


The butt pad is made of a translucent soft plastic.


I noticed today, before I started shooting, that the bottom point of the pad was split and hanging by a little strip of the plastic.


The gun has been sitting in my cabinet for almost a month.

I have no idea how this little 1/2" piece came to be broken off.


I don't look at it as a big deal and I expect them to send me a replacement.

They did send me a replacement pad for mu SBEII.

The first one wouldn't stay in place.


Anyway, I do like this new six pound 12ga.

All my pals want one now.

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I seem to have two of these threads going at one time. I couldn't find the first one when I looked for it, so I did it again.


The recoil isn't really anything to speak of. At least with field loads like one would use on doves, quail or pheasants.


I was shooting cheap WallMart Gun Club #8 at clays today. The recoil was really nothing.


I have fired a handfull of field hunting loads just to see what they do.

They kick a little of course, but no big deal.


I don't use 3" for upland. I believe a heavy 3" load would not be the choice for this gun.


The gun is so light that it feels like the gun case is empty!

I really like it and so does everyone who sees it.


I've had it almost a month.

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