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  1. I have a brand new one which I was thinking of keeping for Turkey however I'm thinking about selling it. Paolo
  2. Wondering what a New SBE smooth 12G 24" Matte Black barrel is going for? Thanks! Paul
  3. That's great to hear ... I've got a flat of Kent Fast Steel #2's and a flat of Winchester HV's #2's. I'll have to test them out. The best shots I've ever used with my SBEII using the factory chokes were the Fiocchi Steel #2's ... unfortunately the only supplier around here got very ill and had to stop doing business. Nobody in Ontario, Canada I know carries them. Too expensive to import them With these chokes ... what distances are we ranging with D and P? Paul
  4. I just picked up the Primos Double Pack Deadzone Chokes for my SBEII. I was wondering for those that use these chokes, what ammo worked best for you? I'll be hunting Ducks and Geese for the early season up until late October. Thanks!
  5. I have a Brand New never used 24" Black Matte Barrel however it's a SBE barrel but fits a SBEII. If you are interested send me an email at [email protected] Paul
  6. It's a SBE barrel so I don't think it is the Crio barrel. The Item# is 80014 in case you want to find out. Paul
  7. Brand New in the Box Benelli 24" Black Matte 12G Barrel. This barrel will fit the SBE and SBEII. Comes with factory chokes. $350 Also Available: Factory SBE recoil Pad (Used 1 year) $15 Factory SBEII recoil Pad (New) $30 Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you! Paul
  8. MbBullet ... I've had my buddy who works in a Tool & Die shop look at it and it definitely is a problem with the metal. It is NOT any buildup. Yes the choke is always screwed in tight, I'm always checking it throughout the hunt. As I mentioned, this choke only has at MOST 30 rounds through it. What pisses me off most is the fact that Benelli (Stoeger Canada) won't return my calls and Benelli USA won't do a thing!!! Yeah I could easily purchase a new choke BUT it's not the point. ***I just left a 3rd message for them as I typed this message*** Paul
  9. It happened to me the first time this year. I have only put 100 rounds (if that!) through my SBEII and it did it while waterfowl hunting but the weather was lousy...rained on and off all day. I don't recall my SBE ever doing it though. Paul
  10. This is F'n ridiculous ! I've called twice now (Oct 3rd & Oct 23rd) and left a message with Stoeger Canada and I have yet to recieve a phone call back. It's the same guy that never calls back. I always speak to the girl who answers the phone and even she gets angry because he never calls back customers. Benelli USA won't do anything cause I'm in Canada ... what am I suppose to do? Paul
  11. Still waiting for a phone call! I can't believe how bad Stoeger Canada is. I have only called them 3 times in the past and they ALWAYS take weeks to reply. Paul
  12. I don't want to do anything more to the choke. I want them to see it as is. I know for a fact it's the chrome peeling and not plastic. If just Stoeger Canada would call me back Paul
  13. I left a message with Stoeger Canada and hopefully they will get back to me ASAP. I'll keep you updated. Paul
  14. I've got a Rhino Choke for the SBEII that I bought last April. I've only taken a dozen shots out of it to test the pattern. Absolutely amazing!!! I need to sell that choke because I'm making my SBEI my Turkey gun while my SBEII will be used for waterfowl. If you are interested contact me [email protected] Paul
  15. My mistake ... forgot the "NOT" in my first sentence. Paul
  16. It's NOT plastic for sure ... you can actually feel a groove that goes into the choke as though it was peeling. If it was plastic build up, it would be more like a bump (build up). You can actually see the metal discolouring where it is peeling. I'm calling them today to get some feedback. Paul [ 10-02-2006, 03:06 PM: Message edited by: Paolo ]
  17. I just finished cleaning my SBEII and I noticed that the inside of my choke looked dirty and this was after I cleaned the barrel. So I took the choke out and after inspecting it, I noticed the inside of the choke is not dirty but peeling like crazy! 30-40% of the finish on the inside has peeled. My SBEII is just a year old since I purchased it new and I have only used this IC choke once this year (less than 30 rounds through it) using steel shot only (BB, 2, 3, & 4's). All other chokes seem to be fine. I'm going to call Stoeger Canada tomorrow and see what they will do. Has anyone e
  18. I remember reading somewhere that one of the brand of chokes come loose after a few shots ... was that Primos Chokes? With Primos chokes, can we use steel and heavy shots? Paul
  19. What if your camo has a few chip spots ... then would you suggest putting oil to protect those spots from rusting out? My brother bought a new SBEII last September and he babies the thing and it has chips on the barrel. If he ever had to re-camo the gun, can they apply it over the existing camo? Paul
  20. LOL yeah I know about that ... but it will give them a good reason to wear ear protection like I do Paul
  21. I'm looking to purchase a Waterfowl choke for my Benelli SBEII ... I was looking at Briley and they have the Briley Crio Plus and the Briley Crio Plus Ported choke for Goose. Is there really any big difference between the 2? Is it worth the extra dollar to get the choke ported? Thanks! Paul
  22. Paolo

    Double B

    Why don't you go for the Quad and purchase a Baikal Autoloader Paul
  23. My appologies if this should not be posted in this section. Brand New Benelli SBE 12G 24" Smooth barrel (black). Never been shot. The barrel is a SBE barrel but it will also fit a SBEII. Comes with all the factory chokes. Please contact me at [email protected] Thanks [ 08-03-2006, 10:42 PM: Message edited by: Paolo ]
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