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how far should I lead?


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There is no such thing as lead for ducks and geese. every flock, species and bird flies at a different speed. The major factors that dictate lead are, speed of target, velocity of shot and pattern. A teal will fly faster then a mallard therefore requiring more lead. The higher the velocity, the shorter the lead (keep in mind the drop in velocity over cretin distances, this will help you know what birds can be brought down successfully). If you are using a cylinder choke you will have a much more open pattern and will have a slight give in your lead when compared to an improved modified where a shot within 30 yards will require precise lead but have a much higher density in pellet count.

If you want to become a good shot you need to focus of the front of the bird. Always follow threw your target zone because most people forget this and get behind their target. Patterning you gun at different ranges with various loads and chokes will help you know what you throwing out there and really will help your shooting. Most importantly get out to the range or blind because building a feel of your gun on different target presentations will help you build your instinct of lead. Instinctive lead is important to listen to. Just do what feels natural and you will have greater success. If you start to think about it too much you will end up out thinking yourself. Shooting is much more of an art then a science. My argument about this is that science can be done threw procedure by anyone, while art must be honed and refined but never perfected. Every ones art looks different and has a different style. Some people have a natural ability and others draw stick figures but you don't get better unless you practice!

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