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M4 stock mag tube removal


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strip the weapon as far as allowable,,,find a heatgun,,then apply heat to the base where the tube and reciever thread together,,I used low heat and some magic wan motions as get the whole area,,check every 5 minutes or so to see if it will come loose with padded pump pliers,,have an assistant so they can hold the gun or find a vise,,, :cool:

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..What M1014 said..works great..I used a 1200 watt heat gun..when it reached 400+ degrees Farenhiet(Sp?)..{according to a Laser pointed Thermo}.it unscrew'd with one gloved hand...with great amazing ease...I wouldn't use any pliers/channellocks..etc...the stuff benelli uses to secure it in place..gets soft @ aprox 400 Degrees..

Stay Safer!



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