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Help with SBE disassembly


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I got a used SBE this week. It's my first autoloader, so this may be a dumb question. I was following the disassembly instructions, and step 2 says to pull the bolt lever off the bolt. Is there a trick to this? Because it ain't coming off. :confused: Do I just need to pull harder? Prying on it does not seem like a good idea. And if it can be simply pulled off, what keeps it from falling off?


Also, I paid $655 and it seems to have been shot very little. It is camo finish and left-handed. Am I right in thinking that is a pretty good deal?



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My SBE and my brothers M2 are the same with the bolt lever. Usually won't come out with just fingers so we use a piece of plastic or a screwdriver wrapped in cloth to pry it out. Doesn't take much, just a little pressure with a tool like that and it pops out. I think $655 is a very good deal even if it's been shot a lot.

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