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I was given a gun that I was told was a Super 90 Black Eagle. The side of the receiver says Black Eagle and there is a picture of a black eagle head on the grip under the stock. I'm new to Benelli's anyone recognize this as being a current model or an older model? I wanted to order an owners manual and want to make sure I order the right one to match the gun. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me.

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The last I recall of the BE being in a US catalog was around 1991 or 1992. It was in the 1st catalog that featured the SBE. I still have that HK cat somewhere - I'll look for it. I don't ever recall it being called the Super 90 BE in any US catalog. The Monte and M1 were called Super 90 though.


The BE is alive and very well in Europe - has been since the 80's I think - play around on www.benelli.it and see if that's your gun.


Raffaello Black Eagle


The combination of the dark matt receiver - with its unmistakably classic and essential design - and the polished finish of the wooden parts creates the subtle contrast of light and shade that is the distinctive feature of the Black Eagle. Versatility, reliability and hardwearing characteristics mean that year after year, this shotgun remains one of a kind.


If it's the old US version in mint condition, it could be worth a few $$$.


Very little has changed, I'm sure Benelli USA can help, also Benelli IT appears to have downloadable catalogs in English.


Good luck,


mudhen - CA

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Mudhen, thanks for the link. The Raffaelo Black Eagle is exactly what it looks like. I called up Benelli Customer Service and gave them the serial number. It is definitely a Black Eagle, manufactured in 1989. It's not in mint condition but probably about 95%. Benelli is sending me an owners manual for it. My hope is that it's not too old that I can't find parts/barrels/tubes etc. I guess I'll see when I get the manual in the mail. Thanks for the help!

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