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Going semi auto

GA Hawg hunter

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I just found this forum and think it's great,seems like alot of good advice is available, hope you fellas can help me. Been shopping around for a semi-auto 12 ga for use on deer, hogs, birds. I have been hunting with a Mossberg 500 pump with 28" barrel with great success. Just recently changed the barrel over to a rifled slug barrel and added a laser dot sight, so now I "need" a new shotgun. I am really leaning towards the SBE ll pistol grip but it comes with 24" barrel, can you get a longer barrel or shoud I just change the chokes as needed? Already have a turkey gun(10 ga 3 1/2 mag) Also would like to get some skeet shooting trigger time every once in a while so what would be the best application?

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Depends on your intended purpose.

You're using the slug gun for deer and hogs?

You've got a turkey gun already.

What's left is brids, feathered and clay, right?


Sounds to me like you don't need the steady grip, but a traditional design.

The barrel lenght won't change the pattern one bit, but the added length will give you a longer sight plane and make flying targets"seem" to be closer.

It also makes for smoother swing and follow through.

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26" SBEII ... forget the steady grip. I assume the Mossberg slug gun is covering the deer & hogs. The 10ga waterfowl & turkey. That leaves "Upland Game" ... SBEII 26", light, fast, reliable. (Also versatile, can do waterfowl & turkey using up to 3-1/2" shells ... probably better than whatever you're using now)

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