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NOVA hangs cycling 2 3/4 rounds


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Has anyone else had problems with the Nova hanging when cycling 2 3/4 rounds. I had shot a friends nova several times at clays and found it very frustrating to not always get a second shot when needed. Forget about a third.


I bought one assuming his was a fluke. Mine shoots exactly the same. Kudos for quality control, at least they are consistant.


Any ideas, fixes etc.

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When I go to pull the forearm back it is hung/stuck. I have to push it forward first to release it then it comes back and cycles.


Maybe changing my shooting style will work around it but it slows down cycling and none of my other pumps have this problem.

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I have a hunch it would do the same thing if I was shooting either of your guns. I am suspecting there is nothing wrong with mine or my friends (since he has no problem). It is begining to sound like I am working the action before it is released and binding the locking mechanism.


I hold the foregrip with the front of my hand near the rear of the hand grip section.

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I have two novas.


The reason I have two:


I bougth a nova synthetic for home protection w/ 18/5" barrel. As I used it more at the range, I started to use it more and more for breaking clays. I never had a jam or misfeed problem that was not of my fault in short shuking.



When I finally realized that a cylinder bore short barrel is not the way to go, I decided to get a new barrel, but a new barrel cost more than a used gun with the 28" barrel I wanted. I went with the used gun.


The first time I shot the used gun the shells would not eject from the magazine tube. The previous owner had let water sit inside the magazine tube and it rusted the spring and inside walls of the tube. The rust left a rough spot that the magazine follower was catching on. After I filed it down a bit and ran some steel wool through the tube, it has functioned perfectly.


I now have over 1,500 shells through the gun without even so much as re-oiling, running a boresnake through the barrel, or anything that closely resembles cleaning the gun without a single feed problem.


I hope that this helps you in two ways:


One, keep the tube dry.


Two, the Nova is awesome in its utter reliability if nothing else.



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