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Installing Brugger + Thomet Handguard on M4


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I just received the handguard today, but I don't see how it is possible to get the barrel to slide on. There is a black lip just before the silver piece that goes in the barrel and that lip won't fit. My M4 is a new 11707. Any help would be appreciated.




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Maybe the B&T handguard was made for the older barrel style, which had a smaller diameter at the base. That big lip is one reason we had to go back to the drawing board wirh the FCAM.


Not what you wanted to hear, I'm sure, but an e-mail to B&T to ask about the big lipped barrels might be in order.

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I saw something on on of the other boards that said just that right after the new barrels came out. I want to say it had to do with one from DSA and they found out that all of the ones they had, had to go back to the factory. Don't quote me, I am starting to get CRS and I can't be positive. Where did you buy yours?

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Man , I am going through the same thing right now. Bought the Rail system , read the intructions which were not to great. hen I put it together and the rail will not go oall the way down because the bottom of the magazine tube swells a little at the base. After alot of trying by me and some other guys I called DSA and their tech guy made me describe the receiver end of the rail and it turns out thats its the wrong one and may have been for earlier models. I sent it back and am waiting for the new one.


The one thing that puzzles me is I have on of the original batch of 1014's with the flag soo....

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