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New Legacy 12 GA


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I just purchased a new Legacy 12 guage and plan on shooting some clays with it over the weekend. Which choke is best for clays, pheasant hunting etc etc. It has 5 chokes. Also, what advice can anyone recommend as for cleaning maintenance etc etc. This is my first "premium" firearm purchase and I intend on keeping it for a very very long time

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Hi Joe - best bet is to find out how the gun patterns with different load/choke combos. This might take a little time and money but it's well worth it when your through.


Start out with full (one slot ) and go larger from there. Not to get technical but, it depends on your targets/distances also.


same goes with hunting ... too many variables to consider to honestly recomend any specific choke.


click on this link Federal Cartridge and scroll down the page and you'll find a chart to start with.


As for cleaning ... every time out if you want to keep her in tip-top condition.


hope this helps

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