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Getting mud stains off my SBE

bulls eye

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Would anyone have a few tips on how to get mud stains off a SBE . Even after using water and dish soap there are still small stains that appear.

I was told to use a brush with water and soap and that would fix it. but before doing that on my SBE I was wondering if someone could confirm that method or have a better way. Thanks for the help. :confused:

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bulls eye - I understand that your gun is newer and you want to keep it in great condition looking as new as possible (I'm the same way I guess) -BUT- in the circles I hunt in, an SBE just isn't an SBE unless it's got some 'war wounds' or 'character'. If your gun was a ****'s Angel, the mud stains would be the club's back patch on its jacket....


If you'ld rather, a soapy fine bristled brush should do the trick. try an old tooth brush that still has some back-bone to the bristles.


Good Luck

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