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M4 Pistol grip stock question


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Hi guys , I removed my fake collapsable pistol grip stock on my M4 and installed the fixed pistol grip stock. Its all back together and I noticed that there is the slightest of play in the stock if I turn it with a bit of muscle. Just a tiny bit. It seems fine, any opinion on that. I mean you would not even notice unless you really try and turn it. Also when I threaded the pistol grip stock into place I noticed if you thread it too tight the trigger group won't fit in so I backed it out one turn and the trigger group popped right in. Thanks for any input, Michael

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I had to force it that extra 90 degrees beyond where it felt like I should stop to get it to line up perfectly.


While I can't endorse anyone else doing this, it made everything snug as can be.


However, if your stock can go almost a complete full turn more than where you have it ... that's probably what you need to do.

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