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M4 11707 3" shells


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What is a Cylinder choke? will it damage the new M4 (11707) barrels if I dont use it? I definitely want to shoot slugs through it. Why is a choke necessary? I thought that these were slug guns out of the box. Thanks for your reply, I'm a nooby when it comes to 12 gauge, like my other post says, this is my first shotgun and I have been waiting about 3 or 4 years for the M4.

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Nope, the M4 is not supposed to be a straight slug gun--it's a kick-A, zombie blasten combat shotgun! :D Because of that, it has the chokes for people who like tight buckshot patterns. Like pdw4137 said, most slugs will be just fine out of your M4, even if you have a choke other than a straight cylinder. For slugs, I'd recomed brenneke. They even have a nifty faq for which slugs go with which barrel. I just picked up 10 packs of the K.O. slugs for $2.25 a pack (5 per pack). That's pretty cheap for me. :cool:

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