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How I ended up with TWO SBE2s.


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Will heres how I ended up with 2 SBE2s. Mt father ordered me a SBE2 SteadyGrip a week before Christmas for Christmas. The dealer said it would only take a week but as the time grew beyound 2 weeks I called and asked where it was...he said it would be here before turkey season. As more time passed we called customer service and asked where it might be or could they speed the process up. They said they no longer make the gun and stock as a single model. So my father and I were very frustrated. Sense we thought the dealer was crazy for not knowing of the cancelation of the model we went to another dealer who had one SBE2 Comfortech 24". So we bought that and planed on getting a stock for it...well of course the first dealer calls us last Friday saying the SteadyGrip SBE2 is in. My father then desided to get that one to because the dealer did just what he said he was going to do...get it before turkey season. I guess if my father and I were a little more patent we wouldn't have to spend the extra green, but now I have the SteadyGrip model for turkey and the Comfortech for everything else, plus my fathe also can use the Comfortech for turkey. I got 2 guns and my father a turkey gun also. Everybody wins. smile.gif If I can get the scaner working I'll put up some pics.


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