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New Supernova: Ejection Problem


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So, its a brand new, never been fired Supernova /w Steady grip/Field Barrel.

And while testing the action by loading and ejecting a few shells, I am observing jamming every once in a while. It is not the shells, because i tried different loads and brands.

From a profile view facing the action, it seems that the jam occurs when the action draws back the the shell is not positioned properly on the bolt/ejector. Since the shell(loaded) is lower or slipping downward, then the actions hits the ejection point, the shell drops down and the gun is jammed. I am pretty confused here as the ejector seems to be in purfect condition. Now I am modestly new to this, but is there some other component of the ejection process that I am missing? Like a guide rail or something>


Any help would be appreciated.


I would hate to have to send it in to the Mfgr. without firing a shot.


- MJ

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That's quite a diagnosis, considering the fact that he did a pretty good job of describing the problem




Did you buy the gun direct from the manufacturer?

No, so don't be so quick to send it to them.

Let (or in some cases, make) the dealer do his part.


The first thing you should is to make sure the weapon is assembled correctly, and that you are operating it correctly.


Do this by reviewing the information in the owner's manual carefully, and then try proving the action again.


You must operate the action of a pump briskly, don't be gentle with it.

Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, and better yet, use dummy rounds.


If, after those efforts, the weapon still appears to be malfunctioning, then take it back to the dealer and ask them to check it.


Never transport a loaded weapon and always have the action opened when approaching the dealer.

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Originally posted by tucker301:


That's quite a diagnosis, considering the fact that he did a pretty good job of describing the problem


Please allow me break it down and explain my reply in better detail


There are lots of firearms that act funny when ejecting the extra weight of live rounds or when the action is worked slow enough try to see how it works or what’s happening and I’m sure the long action of the 3.5” chambered Supernova doesn’t help especially without quick and firm rearward movement of the pump.


Add this to the fact he is “modestly new to this”, the shotgun is “brand new, never been fired” and he is basically playing with it at home with live rounds to see how it works, I think you can see that my original diagnoses might be accurate.


I could be wrong as the shotgun may very well be defective from the factory but I still don’t think calling Benelli or the dealer without even shooting it is going to help.


I can hear it now

Benelli / dealer = what’s seems to be wrong with it?


michaelbret = It doesn’t seem to be ejecting correctly.


Benelli / dealer = How many rounds have you put through it?


michaelbret = Well,, umm,,,,, none, but I was testing it (heard by Benelli / dealer as = playing with it) at home and it didn’t seem right.


Benelli / dealer = O that,,,that’s normal, if you could shoot it and report back that would be great.





shoot it and see how it does, if it doesn’t act right then call Benelli or the dealer, either way report back and let us know how it’s working out, I think you will be fine but good luck anyway.


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DO NOT shoot that weapon until you are sure that it is assembled correctly and functioning correctly!


One of the reasons I suggested that re-check everything is that I suspected that the firearm may not be properly or completely assembled.


Your relative novice and the fact that it does not function led me to this conclusion, so please make sure that you have followed all instructions completely before firing the gun.



Telling a novice, who is having problems getting a new weapon to function properly, to go ahead and shoot it is wreckless and dangerous.


He needs to fully undertsnad how the weapon is assembled and how it is supposed to gunction BEFORE attempting to fire it.


If he can't get it to cycle properly, then he should seek help, NOT just shoot it.

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That is a very good point, and well taken.


My statements were made not really considering the fact he may not have put it together correctly, owning and using so many firearms as well as years of learning how they work may have blinded me to or given me an overly high expectation of those with less experience, though it’s impossible to know exactly what level of experience a person is at without really getting to know them and you have to start somewhere.


Absolutely make sure the firearm is assembled correctly and safe to shoot, if that means going through the owners manual several times or running it by a shop to have them make sure.


However upon confirming that the firearm is assembled correctly and safe to fire, as well as the knowledge to correctly operate and safely handle the firearm, I stand by my statement of “shoot it and see how it does, if it doesn’t act right then call Benelli or the dealer”.


[ 07-31-2006, 02:05 PM: Message edited by: Gixerman1000 ]

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Wow, this forum is amazing. Thank you everyone who has responded.


Ok, so I went over to a buddies house, who has a regular Nova. And after feeding the same amount of new shells in and out...

His shotgun did the same thing.


This is good, for I am sure that the gun is correctly put to gether and operational.



I think you are on target. It would make sense for Benelli to design a shotgun to eject spent casings and not live ones.




Thank you for your opinion as well. I feel that this shotgun is safe for trial, and if the shotgun does not do its job AFTER firing... Well the people at customer service are going to hear from me.


Thanks again, you all. I am going to shoot some bluerock and tell you the outcome.

Check back after the weekend.

- MJ

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Out dog-gone-Standing!


The gun shoots and ejects just like I expected. Before going out, I tried ejecting live rounds on a friend's Nova.

After a ejecting about 10 rounds, his gun did the same thing mine was doing.


In the field, my supernova ejected everything i fed her.


Thanks again, to everyone who responded.


- MJ

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