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Anyone used Aguila Minishell ammunition in an m4?


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It claims that it will not cycle in semiautos ... however I bet the m4 would give it a fight. Anyone tried this?


"TECNOS R&D Department has created a new family of 12 gauge shotshells which have the potential to revolutionize the sports and law enforcement communities. The new loaded shells are approximately 33% shorter than a regular 2-3/4" round and nearly 50% shorter than a 3" Magnum round. MINISHELLS provide excellent power to weight ratios for police use, (especially convenient for police women) Typical police shotguns hold 33% to 50% more rounds when using MINISHELLS. Their smaller size allow officers to carry more ammo and they are easier to handle. MINISHELLS produce lighter recoil than full size ammunition. Any single or double barrel shotgun can use MINISHELLS without modifications. These shotshells can be shot in 12ga single and double barrel shotguns in good conditions. It will not cycle semiautomatic and will have stoppages in most pump action shotguns."


Available here:




and here:





This will be a true test of the m4's gas system.


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I've tried the Slugs & the 7.5....It will cycle both...but ya have ta put only two @ atime..because otherwise it will allow 2 of the shorties in to the loader & jam.


It has cycle three correctly....but not consistantly.They say you can adjust it some way to make it work consistantly...but I haven't tried it yet.

Surprisingly the slugs are loaded pretty hot..& made out of some pretty hard stuff.I shot one thru an old econoline van...It went thru the passenger side door..thru the console...& out hte other side..& hit a sand pile about 20 feet from the drivers side of the van like an artillary shell...

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I'll try that...as soon as I get back to Hm base...

They're fun to shoot..no recoil at all..& the slugs are surprisingly accurate....They shoot great in my 870 Pmax..I think it holds about 15+ rds...wish they'd make em with a rubber superball slug...

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