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SBEII recoil reducer & light load spring


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Although it is possible to put a recoil reducer in a SBE 2, using the light loads will not. It is a hunting gun designed to function with heavy loads. You wanna shoot pee dab loads get a gun designed for them. A recoil reducer will kill the function of the gun with 2 3/4" loads even 3 dr 1 1/8 load. Remember....it is an INERTIA operating gun, if you make it too heavy to recoil....it wont work...hint hint. Just my 2 cents.

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Chief79 - thanks for the link, but it specifically does not mention the SBEII or M2, only the SBE(1) and M1 Super 90. I wonder if the SBE1 reducer will work in an SBEII? Will it even mount up?


Wallhanger54 - I think I understand your point, and it is better considered by people with a better understanding of physics and math than I. If it is true that a recoil reducer would prevent the recoil-operated action from performing, then how does the SBE1 continue to function with a recoil reducer installed?


And true, I can always shoot "pee dab loads" through my O/U or Nova pump, but I really like shooting my SBEII so much that I don't want have to leave it behind. I just want to tone down the mule's kick a bit - not change plow horses!

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Oops - I forgot, in my last post, to redirect the initial query back to the recoil spring issue, so I'll pose the question again:


Has anyone tried shortening or swapping out the recoil spring in their SBEII or M2 in order to shoot lighter loads and cycle them reliably?


Does anyone know if the SBE1/M1 springs, and their available aftermarket replacements (e.g. Surecycle) will work in an SBEII or M2?


Thanks! MARK

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best bet I know is to use a padded vest such as the PAST system. Perhaps you should also consider a gun thas uses a gas system or a lighter caliber. Remember there is no joy in shooting a gun if it kicks the crap out of your shoulder. I f the benelli is too much kick consider a a391 or 11-87 with a good pachmyer pad.

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