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New M4 11707


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Ok guys, i've been searching and waiting, and an M4 with my name on it is now on the way! Managed to snag an 11707 in the mad rush, and kinda felt like how crazy crowds of women get at a shoe sale! :mad: (no offense ladies but us guys are afraid of you) Anyhoo, what do i need to buy for this awesome piece of machinery. Besides the factory 2 shot extension. What kind of tac lights are you guys using, upgrades, slings, mounts, reflex sights? Lets make it look even scarier now! And anyone tried using flechette in this weapon? :D

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Well, its been a very long wait and a grueling process but i finally have my new M4 11707 in my hands. The most grueling part involves CADOJ, i wanted to buy from Cals, DOJ said yes, Cals said no. Long story short and and months down the road, a monthly meeting was held and my subject to the legality of the Benelli M4 11707 with fixed pistol grip stock was attentioned.


According to CADOJ the Benelli M4 11707 with fixed synthetic pistol grip is legal for sale in CA. I already knew this to be true i just needed to hear it from the guy that had the final say. Additionally they also told me both factory and USA made 2 shot extensions are legal to install on the weapon. I know thats been a touchy subject, dont even get me started on 922®. But i made sure that was brought up. Not my job to interpret, thats their job and my job is to law abiding. They say yes its ok, so i say good enough for me. tongue.gif


Even though Benelli, Cals and Impact, choose not to sell the 11707 in the PG configuratin to CA even though its legal, thats their choice, and they'll lose that business. :rolleyes: I managed to find another distributor, and pushed the papers, its done and done and in my hands. Will be posting pictures shortly when i can. I shoulda bought this thing sooner, its one fine piece of machinery. Worth the wait? Absolutely!

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