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Limited Edition SBE II??


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I was in our local gunshop today and he showed me a SBEII Limited Edition "Atlantic Flyway" model.


It was beautiful, but I'm wondering if there's any info on Limited's, has Benelli done this before, what's the track record, i.e., do they appreciate in value.


Also, how do you verify the total run of the edition?


Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thanks for getting back. Actually, I did go out last night a buy the AF. It's my second SBE---I've got a black SBE I that's perfect, but the woodwork and metal on this one blew my socks off..


I'm still wondering if there's someplace to get the specs on the Limited's. I've searched the website and found nothing. Is that because it was a last year release? There were some "Executive" models, is that this year's "Limited"?


I'm really curious to get some more info on my new purchase. Thanks again in advance, anyone.

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$1,400 would be nice. I just spent $1,900. Tell me I didn't get burned??


Also, the dealer said they were doing 600 units, and the SBE shows #___ of 600. But the press release said 750 would be produced. Did they just change their minds??

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Thanks, the shotgun is definitely GREAT, I'll be satisfied with an OK price.


BTW, after posting, I did see someone on the net asking $2,695 for a Central Flyway!!


I'm not really a "collector type", I bought it because I like the functioning of the black that I have and the looks of this one were impressive. It's just good to know that others find it desirable and it's one of few guns that will probably appreciate over time. Also, my son gets to "instantly inherit" the black, so he liked the deal also!


Thanks for your help.

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