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M1 Super 90 Scope mount


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I tried a saddle mount from and I HATED it... it was junk and ruined my hunt.


Question: Can the M1 be successfully modified by a gunsmith to accept scope mounts? With an aluminum receiver I don't see how.


Is there a cantilevered rifled slug barrel for the M1.... I've seen them for SBE but not the M1.

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What about this thing?



Never personally tried it, but it doesn't look real sturdy to me. Not to mention the M1 doesn't like added weight. Plus the problem that you could bind up the receiver if you tighten the bolts too much.


This is one of the reasons I went with the M4 for the stock Picatinny rail mount.


A good gunsmith could probably mount a rail to the top of a M1 similar to the way it is mounted to the M4. You'd be paying a pretty penny for this, expecially if your sights needs to be moved.



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DJ... don't know who made the cantilever set-up, but I saw it on 2 differeent SBE's... I'll ask my buddy who has one.


Stevenb... the one on the link looks better than the one I tried last season... it was junk (trashed my hunt) and scratched the receiver. I may order and try the one on the link you gave before going to a gunsmith.


I have a E.R. Shaw custom rifled slug barrel that is sweet, if not for that i wouldn't bother trying to mount a scope. I have my eye on a new SBE for next duck season and would like to dedicate the M1 as my deer gun until my son grows into it for ducks.


As for a gunsmith, the material thickness in the area at the top of the receiver seems mighty thin to tap into... especially since it's aluminum and would most likely require a helicoil insert, if they even make one that smal, even if they do you can only use a helicoil effectively once.


Thanks for the link.



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