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New SBE2 patterns high left. What to do?


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New to shotgunning- Just bought new SBE2 . Patterned @ 50 yds- Appears to to shoot center of turkey pellets 2 feet high and 2 feet to left.

Tried new Horandy slugs @100yds- 4 feet high and 3 feet to left.


Would have expected better accuracy- what am I doing wrong????




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Read the section in the manual regarding the stock shims and cast on/off.

Try different setups until you get what you want.

If you're shooting high, I believe you want to lower the drop at comb using a lower lettered shim.


If you shoot right-handed, you should shoot cast-off. That's the way the gun should be set up from the factory if it's right-handed.


If you're a LH shooter, the cast should be on.


I shoot LH, but set my cast to off (typically for RH shooters) because I've shot RH guns for so long that I can't get used to anything else.

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Aim low and right ;)


50 yards? I'd buy a good turkey call and learn to call better smile.gif


Do what Tucker said. Mess with the drop and cast kit.


I had to grind down the A and add it to the C to get the pattern to come down.


I use the B for turks and aim at the feather line so the pattern zips right into the head.


Mine shoots maybe 2-3 inches to the left, no real need to change the cast. I just aim a fraction to the right


mudhen - CA

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