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Is this a good deal for an M1 Super 90?


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I found a Benelli M1 Super 90 is on sale for $799 at a gun shop. They said it is new, but I have no clue what year it is (maybe 2003?). Is this a good deal?


How can one tell what year it is by looking at it?

If it is indeed new, what should it all include? (Box, chokes, bag, etc).


I really want a Benelli, but don't want to pay $1100 for an M2 (even though the recoil pad is sweet).


Anybody have any thoughts?

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at least your on the rite track on getting a shotgun,,Benelli is the hot ticket,,if it is what you say it is,,,, get it or do some more shopping,SHOULD come with matching numbers box,, manual,,, warranty card ,,,some chokes ,,wrench and oil,,theres a littlebox with two letters engraved in it along with all the other proof markings on the barrel and reciever,,,the letters tell what year it is,,post the letters and someone here will get with you ;)

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I'm thinking of buying a handgun from them as well, and using that as leverage to get a bigger discount. Are shops usually willing to deal on an older model? Seems like they would?

Should I ask for $100 off or so, considering hooftrimmer 1's comments about getting an M2 for close to the same price?


Thanks for all the info in advance...

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