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Chrome Plating benelli parts


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Has anyone ever chrome plated their benelli parts? I'm asking because I would like to chrome plate some of my inerta driven parts. Will this have any effect on my gun? (other than warranty) Especially the Bolt, and Bolt Lever. These parts will most definatly be Chrome plated. I'm doing tons of research on caswells plating kits, and I think my SBE would look sweet with a polished Bolt, and Lever. Possibly a trigger too!


Also what type of metal are these parts made of? Steel Iron? This is an important question!



It's gonna take some work, but I need to find out how to strip these parts to bare metal first. Any suggestions?







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Well lets see here. The locking head and locking head pin are already chromed tougher than anything I've ever seen. The real problem you may run into is this: tolerances... There is a given amount of play needed for the bolt to work freely enough around the locking head to operate the gun. Chrome plating the spring, methinks bad idea. The pounding and flexing that goes on there I think would flake it off and screw things up. But guess what?...this is America and you can do whatever you want with that gun. Go ahead, put some bling bling shiny stuff in that sportin gun and get it on. In reality though, Benelli does make a chrome bolt body and bolt handle that will fit. All you have to do is change out the bolt link and you'll have a factory jobber. BTW, don't forget to take out the bolt handle detent ball, pin and spring. Out is easy, back in, have a friend.

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Tolerances are in the .00005 range, so that will not be close to a problem. Didn't really care about plating the springs and pins. I was more concerned with the bolt body, and handle. Trigger too! Anybody know what type of metal these are made of?


Thanks Wallhanger where can i look for prices on the factory chrome bolt body, and handle. I saw brownells parts, but they don't offer bolt body in chrome for the SBEII, also, they wanted 388.02 for it! WOWZERS!


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Waylon, that will look great! A little custom touch never hurt anything!


Im not sure what the finish is on the benelli bolt to make them black ( all mine are already chrome). If I had to guess I would say its probably a black oxide ( someone might jump in and give you the specifics).


If it is a black oxide forget about a chemical strip unless you want to play with a %30 hydrachloric acid dip.


If it is just regular bluing ( which I kinda doubt, but maybe), you can buy bluing remover at any sporting good shop which just wipes on, and takes the bluing off.


You are probably going to end up doing a GLASS bead blast ( glass beads won't alter your part tolorances like aluminum oxide will ). The bolt head is already hard chromed and you should avoid messing with it too much as the tolorances on the lugs are pretty critical.


If you already own the blast cabinet, and media it will be a cheap "hop up" for your gun.


If you don't own the equipment, and think this is probably the only gun you will do you might consider sending to to some place like fordsguns, or another gun plating outfit ( their are quite a few that do plating). You could probably get all 3 pieces done for about $100; not to mention if they screw up, they buy you new parts..


Something to consider anyways....


I do a bunch of this kind of stuff so I bought the equipment, now I can refinish an entire semi auto pistol in KGI for about $1 + my time, and a complete shotgun for about $4. But if I was only going to do a gun or two I would have just sent them in.


Good luck on your project!!


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SBE, SBEII, M1, M2, Monte, Legacy as long as it's 12 ga, it's the same bolt body just a different bolt link on the back (depending upon 3'' or 3.5''). Look for the bolt body for a 12ga Montefeltro not the bolt assembly. The bolt body is just hardened steel. Blasted and blued many of em, no fancy finish on them. There is also a chrome trigger that's made for the Monte's and Legacy's. Again, this will fit any Benelli semi auto M1, SBEII etc. Yeah, Brownells can really stiff ya on parts sometimes. Call Benelli's main office number, they'll probably give you a price 1/2 of what Brownell's wants.

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