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R1 stock cracked in two places after two days hunting


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This afternoon I fired my my R1 and immediatedly noticed the stock has cracked in two places.

Why couldn't this have happened a month ago when I was shooting on the bench?!


I'll call Customer Service Tuesday as it is already too late today.


Needless to say, I am NOT happy about this :(


Benelli mods, please tell me I don't have to give up this rifle the second day into our season. I need a replacement stock via next day air and an RMA for the cracked one. Bill me in advance and issue credit when you get this back if you want, but don't screw up my season!

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Did these cracks showed up along the flow of wood grain, or was it just unfortunate bump ??


I am a bit concerned with the thickness of the stock on R1 and sure enough this might happen to my weapon sooner or later. To prevent this mishap I filled the inside with a liquid foam ( You can find it in hobby shops - usually used on model airplanes ) ...anyways , it's very lightweight and after couple hours it becomes almost hard as wood. Guess that might help a little , afterall it's better to have it filled with "something" - as opposed to hollow space and 3/16" thick walls ...


Hopefully Benelli team will solve your problem quickly , it's a bummer to miss out on the Season .


Good Luck Tucker



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I just called customer service and a new stock is being sent out. They are currently out, but expect more in a week or so. Until then, I'll just hope this one holds together.

They took my credit card information and are shipping the replacement against that. As soon as they receive the old one back, they'll shred the cc information.

I'm a little bummed that they don't have them in stock, but they're doing all they can to remedy the situation.


Another good argument for synthetics. If they were available in synthetics, that's what I would have bought to begin with.

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The stock is well made , i have nothing against the design. Most of the lenght is over 1/4" thick- sufficient enough to hold it's strenght. The thin part is located near the buttplate supported by a plastic rib.


I had a custom wood stock made on other rifle , hollowed out just like the one on Benelli. After 2 seasons couple of cracks showed up along the grain ( just like yours , grain was straight along the stock ). It turned out that wood wasn't impregnated properly , simply too brittle to withstand the impact of recoil and my lack of care. Replaced it with a new stock on which grain was more fancy without straight lines, no problems ever since.


I would love to see Benelli R1 with synthetic stock just like on SBE II Sport . Perhaps some light and tasty engravings on the receiver housing and checkering on the bolt ...


Good Times



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