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Changing Shims...need a little help


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Ok...I did a search on previous topics but I didn't get 100% what Im looking for.


I changed the Shim from B to Z with the matching plate with no problems however when looking at the manual it shows 2 plates in between the stock and receiver. For the life of me, I don't understand where this second plate is??? Is there only suppose to be 1 plate there (A,B,C, or Z)?


If I'm shooting high with "B", going to a "C" or "Z" would drop my POI...correct? "A" would cause it to rise?





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You have the SBEII, correct?

There are two plastic pieces.

One with male pegs on both sides and one with holes.

The one with the male pegs goes on first, with the shorter, more squared pegs fitting into the holes in the receiver.

The on with the holes then slips on top of that one and mates to the stock.

In this example, I'm using A and DX between the stock and receiver.

Therefore, I will use the steel plate ADX on the butt end.



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WTF!?!?! I call Stoeger Canada to tell them the SBEII is missing a part and he's telling me that there is only suppose to be one piece in between the stock and receiver. I told him that there should be 2 and it shows in the parts book and manual. He's insists that there is only one and then the medal plate in the stock. I told him to have a look and call me back. He was getting a little pissy. I hope he calls me back



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