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New Here Got Some ?'s


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I'm new on this forum and I have a couple of questions. First of all I have a Montefeltro if my name didn't already give that part away. I was wondering where the best place to buy swivels and a sling for my gun would be. I use it for everything from rabbit, squirrel, dove, black birds, and turkey. I need the sling for turkey hunting mainly because I walk around quite a bit setup on one if it works out then I go home happy if not I have to pack up and walk some more. My huntin' partner has a sling on his gun. Walkin' rocky stream beds and climbin' logs etc... causes a great need for two hands from time to time not to mentioned when using the bathroom (tree). So can anybody help me?

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As you know, the Montefeltro isn't pre-drilled for slings, and the forend cap isn't set up for one either.

Uncle Mikes makes a sling swivel set that clamps to the barrel just above the forend and screws a stud into the stock.



scroll down to see the options


If you prefer to not drill the stock, then try this one.



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Benelli makes a forend cap as an accesory that has the sling swivel already on it. I bought that and a standard wood screw type swivel stud for the stock on my Montefeltro. Strange thing is that the Benelli forend cap is made for a sling with 3/4" webbing, so some modifications needed to be made on the sling also.


My dealer ordered mine for me, Benelli might sell them directly also.

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Ok I'll give Benelli a ring tommorrow and ask about ordering one of those caps with the swivels. What sort of modifications did you have to do to the sling? I'm assuming you trimmed down the sling where the front swivel mounts to make it a 3/4" sling at that point. I'll give them a call tommorrow and see about that. Do they sell the part you screw into the stock after you drill it out?


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