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Best Choke Tube Cleaner


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Can anyone help me with choosing the best choke tube cleaner?


I want to find a product that will make cleaning the choke tubes very easy.


Has anyone used the choke tube cleaners listed below and do you prefer one choke tube cleaner over another?


Slip 2000 Gas Piston Parts / Choke Tube Cleaner


Shooter's Choice Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner


Brownells Shotgun Wad Solvent


Brownells EZ-SOAK


Choke Shine


Thanks - threeshot


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ive had good luck using just good old hopps or pb blaster. i took an old cleaning rod and attached it to my cordless drill and i run it up and down the bbl first with the brush then with a red scotch brite wrapped around a smaller brush so it fits tight in the bbl. it shure cuts my cleaning time and will take almost any thing out of the tubes if there realy cloged up with plastic wadding i'll take a couple drops of laquer thinner to the mix but you have to make shure that you oil the bbl when your done the thinner will strip all the oil out and leave it bare to flash rust

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