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Hello, New to the Forums, M4 Owner


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Hey guys,


I've been coming here for awhile, getting info and such, but I finally decided to make an account and join the community.


I currently have an M4 and a custom AR I mostly built myself. I'm in the process of doing massive amounts of work to both of them.




That's the AR. Pretty sick setup, and only getting more custom as more stuff comes out. Between the ridiculously heavy Hart match barrel, hydraulic buffer, tangodown grip and LMT trigger, this thing shoots flat as can be. You can shoot rapid fire, tracking targets with almost no recoil whatsoever. It will only get better when I replace the A2 flash suppressor with a brake/comp of some type, be it a JP, troy or phantom.


You should see the look NY police get on their face when they come investigating reports of automatic gunfire, only to find myself and 4 friends with similar weapons in our massive sandpits. They look pissed as heck at first, then sort of in awe as they "check" our weapons, then they kind of get quiet as they realize just how much we have them outgunned. They usually apologize about hassling us, and high tail it out. The super sensitive anti-gun public truly does not appreciate silencers nearly enough, which are impossible to own in NY, ironically.


But anyways, still coming is the Troy front/rear BUIS set, which is pretty sick. I'm looking into building multiple uppers and lowers, for various setups and calibers, as well as an optical system based on larue mounts, for a truly modular weapon system. Being able to go from a 6.5 grendel, IOR 3-18x, magpul PRS setup to LMT MRP 14.5, ACOG, Crane stock setup is very attractive. Just me though.




That's the m4 in pieces on my table. I'm not sure exactly what "number" model it is, if someone can tell me what to look for/get pictures of, I can give more information.


The only things I have done so to it is a nodakspud extension, which is top notch, an EoTech 512 with a larue mount, also awesome, and a blackhawk assault sling.


I bought the gun, eotech, sling, case, box, 3 chokes, etc, from a friend of mine a few days after he bought it. I added the LaRue mount.


He paid 1600 for the whole setup, and loved it, but it was not what he was looking for. He wanted a bird gun, and the m4 is decidedly not a bird gun. He offered it to me for 1150, which I took up on the spot.


So I got a killer deal on a killer gun, in practically new condition. He had put about 100 rounds through the gun when I bought it from him. After the first 30 rounds he put through it, neither of us has ever had it jam, misfire, or do anything unordinary. I have put probably 500 rounds through it, ranging from 9 shot light target shells to 3 inch OOO buck. It flys through everything, regardless of what it is.


So those are my 2 tactical guns. I have a few others, but not really anything worth talking about.


I've done a lot of shooting with a lot of guns, so I have a pretty good idea of what is out there. With that in mind, I know a heck of a lot more about AR's than I do about benelli's, which is why I'm here.


Hopefully I can help some people out, as well as learn from some of you guys.


-Greg Duggan

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