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New Benelli M2 for Turkey


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Well first and foremost are you using your maximum chamber length if so it will work better at one level down.


also check the brand of ammunition remingtion makes the best hevi-shot.


it could also simply be you and your not properly aligning the sights if you don't have sights thats your problem GET SIGHTS


And last but not least it could be the choke: stick a light down the barrel and is it off set from the barrel on a particuar spot there you go If the choke is off from the barrel a little on side you should write an angry letter to the manufacturerer and find out if it's the barrel or the choke with the problem. this has happened to me before but it was on a Silma: I wouldn't expect it from benelli

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blackbeard, check out the post about stock fit. tucker301 posted a site that is interesting, really explains what incorect stock fit causes and gives some cures. If you have any questions about web sites or need information, give tucker a ring here on the forum.

He usually has an answer for everyone, even campers from Iowa? Sorry that's another story.


Still good seafood on the causeway?

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