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SRM M4 & M3 ext


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The SRM product was made simple to keep the product economical for the consumer. I conducted the testing on the prototype M3 ext, the craftmanship was of high quality and the product worked flawlessly. If your looking to spend allot of money to look good then the Nodak is for you. If you are on a budget and need something reliable and simple which will also allow you to buy other upgrades go with the SRM. Either way you go it is all personnel preference.



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Just looked at SRM's site. With their M4 extension, you now have to remove the collar, extension and spring just to be able to field strip and remove the barrel. :eek:


It took SRM this long to 'design' such an alternative? Looks more like a stop gap approach to keep the price point in line with the previous Benelli tube while making it easy (and more profitable) for SRM to produce.


A big thumbs down. Looks like factory Benelli or Nodak tubes will still fetch a premium.

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