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  1. WELL!! I have 2 Benelli M-4's. The standard M-4 came with only one choke tube and the M-1014 has none. The M-1014 is not even threaded to accept a choke.
  2. WHO THE "H*LL" IS NEIL YOUNG??? Not that I really give a flying flatuance.
  3. Well, I am just REALLY REALLY REALLY gald that I did not have a female on combat patrol in 'Nam. Frankly gentlmen, and ladies, (for the few reading this board) females DO NOT belong in mixed gender combat. Their own combat unit, FINE. But they have NO place in mixed gender combat.
  4. Hey, it is Georgia. That is SOUTH of Arkansas. And we all know what came from Arkansas...... Bill Clinton
  5. OH. Ok. I paid $2.25 retail at the police supply in K.C. Mo. a couple years ago. Did not realize it had increased so much. I use buck & slug for just fun shooting and duty on the rare occassions I have to go out. Of course 00 buck is the standard for duty use.
  6. Not sure what you mean john h? I grew up in Washington / Union. 1955 to 1981. Went to the OLD St. Francis Borgia grade and high schools.
  7. Anyone know of a source for INEXPENSIVE 12ga Slugs & Buckshot? Can $2.00 a box of 5 be beat?
  8. Just took the M1014 (and M4) to the range. Trust me, go with the EOTECH. They are great.
  9. Well, I just ordered a NoDak Spud extension. They are exact reproductions of the Benelly Mag extension, and the price reflects it. No matter, I did not spend $1,477.85 on a gun to whine about the $129.50 cost for the extension. Besides, they do look LOTS better than the SRM.
  10. Nodakspud.com seems to sell a much better product than SRM. The price is much higher, but MUCH more in keeping with appearence of original Benelli mag extension. Any thoughts on this?
  11. I have an Eothch on an M1014. Looks good, but have not shot it yet. It is a Law Enforcement / Military version. Plan to put some rounds through the M4 and the M1014 on Friday March 31. Given the "heads up" factor of the Eotech in sighting, and the fact the Marines choose it, I expect it to be the better choice. I plan on keeping the M4 as issued, just the ghost ring sighting.
  12. Auction Arms has an M1014 at $1,450.00 from Postrock Surplus in Kansas. I have purchased from him at the MVACA gun show in Kansas City and he is an honest dealer.
  13. Well, I paid $1,375.00 for the same thing that inclded a fixed pistol grip stock off of Gun Broker. If I knew how to post photos I would of both the M1014 from Gun Broker and the M4 purchased 2 days earlier locally.
  14. Well, with that shotgun in his pants I bet every girl in school would be terrified of having him for a date.
  15. c.robertson

    M4 / M1014

    Just discovered that the M4 has an internal choke and the M1014 does NOT have a choke. Thought they were the same configuration gun. (??) Any feedback welcome from knowledgable owners and/or Benelli fans.
  16. Not real knowlegable on Benelli, or any other, shotgun choke tubes for that matter. BUT: American Arms of Grandview Mo., Kansas City's primary Benelli authorized dealer told me yesterday, Thursday, 23-Mar-06, that all Benelli choke tubes are interchangeable between Benelli shotguns. Salesman's statement, not mine.
  17. Don't know how to post photos. Will take some digitals in a day or two in the event of an improved learning curve allows posting.
  18. Thank you very much for the Recoil Reducer Info. Found what is needed with Brownell's. Kinda pricey, will cost about $140.00 + total for the tube and reducer. I assume 'cylinder bore' choke would be advisable? Or would 'improved cylinder' be better? cbr
  19. Is the Gunners Choice Recoil Reducer Choke Tube as offered by Brownell's compatable with the M4? I have seen them installed on the Benelli M2 and would assume the choke tubes, including the extended type, are the same between the M1-2-3 & 4. Have not seen an M4 with such, but have seen them on the M2. Thanks.
  20. Not to bust anyone's bubble, but I bought the following: On Friday, 03-Mar-06, I bought an M4, new in box at American Fireams Specialty Company of Grandview Mo. for $1,477.85. This included government extortion. (tax) On Sunday morning, 05-Mar-06 at 05.00, I bought a 1014 with mag. extension off of Gunbroker.com with total cost, after shipping & dealer transfer, for $1,420.00 from New Barn Gunsmithing in Oakland Il. The M1014 now sports an EoTech 552 Military holographic sight. Now, to try them out.
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