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just bought an M2 slug gun... questions


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The manual shows a receiver mounted ghost ring sight assembly, and a 6/7 shot magazine extension tube. I would like to add both of these upgrades to my new, as of yet unfired M2 fully rifled weapon. Can I order these direct from benelli? or do I have to find a " dealer"? I prefer to go with benelli manufactured parts for a "bolt on" fit.

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Unless you can find a factory mag extention on ebay or somewhere you can't get one from Benelli.

They can't sell or import them. You'll have to get one from SureCycle or Tacstar.

Here’s a link.



As for the ghost ring you’ll have to have a dealer order it for you.

What barrel do you have? If you order a sight you will only get the rear assembly. For the front sight you will have to get a barrel with ghost ring Frt. sight. You can’t get the Frt. Sight separately from Benelli, its main bracket is not removable from the barrel and different from all other barrels.

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it seems ridiculous they can't import them. There is no federal restriction on # of shots in a fixed tubular magazine that I am aware of. If they are legal to sell over the counter by third party outfits... seems they could be purchased direct from benelli. I was hoping the front blade on the ghost ring was the same fixed blade they use with the fixed iron sight fully rifled barrels. I like the idea of extending the sight radius and using the ghost ring, but it may not be a practical idea.

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No argument here. I agree, but that seems to be the way it is at least for now.

The front blade on the ghost ring sits much higher than the irons and is also wider. Not the same at all.

I started with an M2 Tactical but that changed after I laid eyes on my M4.

Enjoy your new Nellie.

I love all 4 of mine.

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