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  1. cylinder - cylinder choke - no constriction improved cylinder - I think its about 0.005 constriction - tighter than cylinder Modified - tighter than improved cylinder improved modified - tighter than modified, less than full f= full - tighter than modified, but there are tighter chokes made. for trap you will probably want improved modified or full due to the extended ranges. Skeet you will do better with improved sylinder or cylinder due to the close ranges. when shooting clays/ birds/shot pellets at anything I pretty much leave the modified choke in and not mess with it... O
  2. toolman_556

    M2 break in

    I did not think the recoil was unmanageable... certainly no worse than a browning a-5. The browning I have shot the most is a 28" full choke solid rib all original belgian fromt the early 60's with a steel buttplate. If you want a soft shooter I agree gas is the way to go. I bought my m2 for a dedicated slug gun after doing the research and I wanted the 2 lug rotary bolt.
  3. toolman_556

    M2 break in

    i guarrantee when you have a turkeyin your sights you will not notice the recoil. I have a nearly new M2 slug gun. I had 1 FTR on the 4th shell. I was shooting lightfield 3" 1-1/6 ounce slugs. I have about 60 through the gun so far and that was my only glitch in operation. I had it out in 15 degree weather, no issues with slowing down. It won't shoot as soft as a gas gun....but i like the slim forearm and it is very pointable for me. give it a chance and you'll like it. I thought it felt more like a pump gun in initial targeting but put fur in the sights and i did not feel a thing.
  4. toolman_556

    Need Advice

    the 870 failed military testing after 1700 rounds, the mossberg 500 went the full 10,000 of the test. the mossberg is a browning design. i know a lot of folks love the 870 and many never have a problem. for an inexpensive versatile shotgun it is difficult to beat the 870. today's 870 is not the 870 of years past.... the older models had machined receivers and many more machined parts.
  5. with an iron sighted M2 shooting offhand at 25 yards, lightfield 3" 1-1/16 ounce sabots 1 ragged hole at 25 yards. I have not taken time to group it further out. But it was plenty good enough for minute of whitetail.
  6. The beretta is a reliable gas operated weapon. I have a 3" AL390 that has served me well with general care. If you get the gas gun get a set of cleaning brushes for the gas system from"Troy inustries?" I'll have to verify the name. Most autos have their detractors. The Browning A-5, the 1187, the 1100, the 390/391, even the venerable sbe. With reasonable care any will serve you well. What I do not like about the 391 extrema's is the massive forarm bulk. It feels like a 10 gauge. I have an M2 slug gun, newly purchased. If you get the SBE, shoot heavy loads for at least the breakin period.
  7. if it is a 1911 style pistol condition 1 means cocked and locked. If it is a series 80 type safety it has a firing pin lock safety. I know many who keep 1911's just like that, all they have to do is snap the safety and squeeze. And as a side note, if you take the safety off the hammer should fall in my estimation or you have a very poor club. I assume you mean the hammer will drop safety on . Safe handling practices are always the best way to avoid accidents in my humble opinion.
  8. smoothbore barrels are a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to slug accuracy. some group well at point of aim and some group well at somethng other than point of aim and others still don't group well at all. If you are serious and its more than a 1 time thing I recomend a special purpose barrel with rifle sights/ cantilever scope mount depending upon your tactics and terrain. a good group for a non rifled barrel is 4-5 " at 50 yards. a good group for a rifled barrel is 2 inches at 100 yards. your results may vary... no substitute for range time. [ 11-26-2006, 10:53 PM: Message edited by
  9. the recoil spring and gas system are either in front of the main receiver or enclosed in it. The garand and M14 have it in front low, the AK is inside the receiver and on top front, the fal is a more shotgun style recoil spring assembly canted downward ion the stock with a benelli style action link. I am not familiar with the sks.... it all depends where you put the action spring and its attitude where the stock has to go. From cheek weld on a garand to line of sight is very similar to an AR-15, at least for me. I am a student of battle weapons. I manufacture AR-15's, I have a FAL, an AK, a
  10. it seems ridiculous they can't import them. There is no federal restriction on # of shots in a fixed tubular magazine that I am aware of. If they are legal to sell over the counter by third party outfits... seems they could be purchased direct from benelli. I was hoping the front blade on the ghost ring was the same fixed blade they use with the fixed iron sight fully rifled barrels. I like the idea of extending the sight radius and using the ghost ring, but it may not be a practical idea.
  11. I'd keep it condition 1 just like the pistol. in the event you ever had to use it you won't be exactly thinking logically, best to only have to click safety, squeeze trigger.
  12. The manual shows a receiver mounted ghost ring sight assembly, and a 6/7 shot magazine extension tube. I would like to add both of these upgrades to my new, as of yet unfired M2 fully rifled weapon. Can I order these direct from benelli? or do I have to find a " dealer"? I prefer to go with benelli manufactured parts for a "bolt on" fit.
  13. The line of sight on an AR-15 crosses at 2 points as with all weapons. The line crosses coming up at 25 meters, and going down at 200 meters. The idea is 1 aperture and "zero" for 0-300 meters on " minute of opponent". The AR-15/M-16 was designed from the ground up as a select fire battle rifle. Shooting 1/2" groups at paper had nothing to do with the design of the weapon. The reason for the elevated sights is the straight thru recoil spring tube design. By its nature it is impossible to get drop in the stock to lower the sights to the bore. Cast left or right is impossible as well. For i
  14. toolman_556


    you can shoot foster type rifled slugs in it. The problem is the lead of the slugs will build up on the barrel. You need to remove the lead fouling more often for best accuracy. The plastic saboted slugs do not lead foul the rifling and are less maintenance. In my experience the lighter sabots carry better accuracy at ranges past 75 yards. Below 75 you'll probably not notice a lot of difference. The only case I would recomend fosters over sabots is a bear defense gun. A sabot may expand, but a foster won't shrink wither. If large holes, heavy projectiles, up close and personal are the goal
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