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Cutting down a comfortech stock...can it be done?


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Wanting to purchase an M2 Super 90 for my short wife who has a fitted LOP of 12 1/2". Does anyone know how much exactly can be cut down from the comfortech stock to achieve this LOP. I know that coupled with the shorter recoil pad it can be brought down to 13 1/2", but is there enough extra on there to get down to 12 1/2" without compromising the integrity of the comfortech system??

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The problem isn't so much compromising the integrity of the stock but having enough room to snap the recoil pad back on. The new benelli's use a recoil pad that snaps on the stock instead of using screws. I took the recoil pad off my M2 and there are two sets of ribs that the recoil pad snaps into and they are about an 1'' apart, but if you cut the stock down an 1'' I don't think there will be enough clearance in between the pad and the components inside the stock to snap the pad back on all the way. I would check with a dealer or customer service and see what they say. Also, I saw an adapter on the Brownells website that would convert the new style recoil pad attachment to on that uses screws but it was kind of expensive, about $70 if I remember right.

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No need for pictures.

There's about 3/4" that could be taken off before it would get ugly.

Of course, taking this off will change the butt plate size to the point that nothing standard or OEM will fit it anymore, but there is a nice little step-down in there at 3/4" deep.


If it were me, and I had to do it, I'd look at buying an old style or standard stock and playing around with cutting that one down, instead of botching the Comfortech stock up.


The Comfortech can be done, but you're going to need some skills to accomplish and make it look good.


You could cut down the step, fashion an adapter plate out of aluminum, epoxy (nowhere to put screws) it in place, then put on a grind-to-fit pad.

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I called Mike Murphy and Sons gun shop in Augusta Kansas yesterday becuase they were the one's that fitted my wife's previous gun. He said he thought the maximum they could take off would be 1" and then retrofit a new aftermarket recoil pad on it.


He acted like it would be no problem. I'll keep everyone posted after it's done. I'm gonna go for it!

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Figured I'd revive this instead of starting a new thread.


I'm considering getting a supernova tactical with the comfortech stock, and want to know how hard it would be to shorten the LOP. I saw an aluminum plate at Brownell's and thought that it would allow me to use standard pads after removing 1/2" or so of the plastic. I haven't posted enough to be allowed to post links, but it's part number 100-002-486


I wanted to see if anyone else has done it.




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