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Benelli M3 Questions


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1) Are there any design differences between a recent (new) Benelli M3 shotgun and an older Heckler & Koch branded M3?


2) Would I be able to install a pistol grip stock onto an H&K M3?


3) Have there been ANY design changes in the M3 in the last 15yrs? If so, what are they? Can you take an older M3 and update it with newer replacement parts? Is it econimically feasible to do so if possible?


4) What should I know about buying an M3, that I probably don't know, but should?


5) Why did H&K and Benelli part ways? It seemed like a good match of companies. H&K having inroads into the law enforcement community and commitment to manufacturing high quality pistols. Benelli having that same commitment with the longarms that they manufacture, but less of a presence in the LE community.


I am very interested in purchasing an M3, but want to get a good deal. I was just outbid on gunbroker on a very nice one for about $900 I think that I can get one for less than that.


I appreciate any information that more knowledgeable members can provide. Thank you for your time.



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1. If you get your Brownells catalog out you will see that aside from some forend cap detent parts that start at serial number MO96546 all the other parts apear to be the same.


2. Yes,

80046- M1/M3 Special Purpose Synthetic Stock with Pistol Grip, non-adjustable drop, fits M1/M3 *Sling plate not included. This stock will not accept the 11oz. Mercury Recoil Reducer. This stock also fits M1 Field and Super Black Eagle. MSRP is 95.00

Cal's has them for $85.00


3 none really except as noted in number 1 no need to update, THEY WORK.


4. The same things you need to know if buying any shotgun used. If new, hey it's a Benelli.


5. in my opinion HK helped establish Benelli in the LE market but the LE buyers quickly found out who the Manf. was and then Benelli was able to go direct. also HK has a marketing plan that includes their label on a varity of products where they can get the best margins and that helps unknown products. On the other hand look at the new Benchmade HK knives. Benchmade is farely well known in the none knife nut area but I can buy a Benchmade Auto for the price of a HK labeled liner lock.


I would recomend that you find a pre89 ban HK M3 with a long mag extension and a pistol grip because you can always buy the standard stock and a magazine plug but if you buy a post ban M3 it would be a violation of the law to install both a mag extension and a pistol grip at the same time. One or the other, but not both. should shop around and find one in the 9-1100 range depending on finnish.


Hope this helps


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I'm new here and I have another question regarding the Benelli M3.


From the web site and other places I have gotten the distinct impression that thge M3 can operate in either manual (Pump) or semi-auto modes with the mode being selectable.


I spoke with a local shop and they assure me that this is NOT the case and that the manual operaiton is only an "override" to assist in malfunction clearing.


I handling the gun the selector on the forend was a spring loaded "knob" operable with either hand and unlocking the pump action.


This implies that the function is only temporary and would not infact override the semi-auto operation.


Does anyone have first hand experience? I'm not sure who to believeor if my assesment of the operaito if correct.


I'm interested in owning a Benelli, and want an auto loader, but the option of running the gun as a pump would allow me to at least train with a pump and to be familiar and comfortable with the operation if the occasion arose.



This shop has only the M3 with the Pistol Grip, does this make a difference?

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Theres a nib M3st thats been on gunbrokers for over a month. The seller wants 2 grand, and is firm. I emailed him initally and offered him a lower price. It looks to be in perfect condition, but you never know till its in your hands. The M3 can definitely be used as a pump gun, in addition to semi-auto. One of the main reasons is for LE using low powered rubber pellet filled rounds, and other non-lethal rounds. The M3 doesn't have the option to specifically go pump in order to clear a round, thats ridiculous. You were given false info. I see you named your state properly Steve Beckman. Sorry for your gun laws. My state isn't much better. If only every where had gun laws like in Florida. CCW's no problem whatsoever for ALL legal gun owners. The way it should be.

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