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Super Sport

rch 3030

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It all depends on what you are going to use it for. I love my S.S. but its got limitations beyond sporting. It only holds five shots, has no mag extensions, length of the barrel is cumbersome for serious home defence, weight makes it hard for younger people or light statured women to hold it correctly. Good things is, I have owned my S.S. beyond 2 years and it has never fouled on me. This is my all purpose gun and I have put everything from light bird loads, all the way to slugs. The recoil is light enough to not hurt a little ten year old girl or make my g/f shy away from it. I take it to all my shooting needs and would never trade it for another shotgun.

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I own many, many shotguns and find the Super Sport I purchased last year to be the best I have ever owned. It shoots where you point it; is fast on both the first and repeat shots (no muzzle jump); recoil is very manageable, even on 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 pigeon loads. It is a dream to clean! One pin on the receiver and one on the bolt and you can take the rest of the receiver, trigger ***'y and bolt mechanism apart completely by hand.


When I bought the gun (28 inch bbl), it was for Sporting Clays. I have increased my scores 5-7% and shoot low gun almost exclusively. I also shoot helice and 5 stand with the gun.


It has limitations, though. Too light for competitive skeet (it is actually too fast). Too flat for trap. I do own the high comb insert and it has moved the POI from 50/50 to about 60/40.


I shot 2000 rounds through it out of the box before cleaning it the first time. When I opened the gun up for cleaning, it looked better than my Remington 1100 skeet after 50 shots!


Cycled low base 24 and 26 gram target loads from the start, as well as mixed . It has always ejected the spent shell. Occasionally, it will misfeed the second shell from the elevator to the infeed ramp, which is a known problem at Benelli. I can count on one hand the number of times this has happened in a year, through nearly 7500 targets.


The Crio chokes shoot about a constriction tighter than marked (as advertised). I've got one after market Crio Skeet choke from Wilson Precision Engineering and it, too, shoots like Skeet II/IC.


Hope this helps! I'm now looking at the M2 with the Comfort Tech stock for upland.

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