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  1. Super Sport


    People think of wd-40 as a hazzard because it could potentially strip the chrome or some bs like that and from what my gun dealer told me, clogs inner workings with dust etc.
  2. It all depends on what you are going to use it for. I love my S.S. but its got limitations beyond sporting. It only holds five shots, has no mag extensions, length of the barrel is cumbersome for serious home defence, weight makes it hard for younger people or light statured women to hold it correctly. Good things is, I have owned my S.S. beyond 2 years and it has never fouled on me. This is my all purpose gun and I have put everything from light bird loads, all the way to slugs. The recoil is light enough to not hurt a little ten year old girl or make my g/f shy away from it. I take it
  3. It is no problem for me to shoot a right-handed gun left-handed.
  4. Not to be insulting, but it could be the nut behind the bolt.
  5. Your question about the rifled barrel... While I personally do not use a rifled barrel; from what I have been told, regular shot patterns will be pretty bad with a rifled barrel.
  6. The only misfires I have had was for a brief period, I had about 5 shells out of fifty jam up on me. I mostly attribute to low quality ammunition and possibly to the Shotgun not being fully broken in yet.
  7. you would of think he would of had the buy it now price more than $50 than the original asking price [ 03-28-2006, 05:06 PM: Message edited by: Super Sport ]
  8. Do you really need a scope for deer hunting? I can usually get within 30 feet of most deer. As well for the rifled barrel, ordinary rifled slugs should work just fine for deer. Just a thought -S.S.
  9. Super Sport


    I bought a few boxes of rifled slugs today; I'll tell you how they pattern out in a few days. I'm a little inexperienced with slugs at the moment. [ 03-11-2006, 09:14 PM: Message edited by: Super Sport ]
  10. It has to be said Apparently, the male genitalia is not on the menu tonight.
  11. Super Sport

    Another M4 vid

    Just to interject, I believe mine kicks a heck of a lot less with a magnum round than his
  12. Super Sport


    Yea, pressing the release is the way to do it.
  13. I feel sorry for the girl though
  14. Wish I had that kind of money to burn
  15. Awesome, I was not expecting that auto fire at the last second
  16. Super Sport


    For the birdshot I would get good premium shells if every shot counts. Sometimes I have had problems with cheaper shells not getting enough oomf to fully load the next shell in.
  17. The middle east hate us because we are always there killling people... Time and time again, america finds itself in another middle east war.
  18. It sort of reminds me of the old west. The many buffalo sitting out in the plains rotting with only their tounges cut out. It's disturbing to see so much wasteful, senseless killing.
  19. Nice to see a few Texans near me
  20. troll posts ignored, its very unfortunate the super sport chokes and SBEII are not up to your expectations. Best of luck to you, its very bad when you pay top dollar and it doesent meet your expectations. Maybe you willlearn a lesson and be more cautious for your next investment.
  21. From what I understand, the sport II is a wood finish and is missing the cool looking "recoil reducing" chevrons and gel. Basically same gun except sport II contains more wood and few hundred bucks cheaper.
  22. I found a Walmart Federal Value pack tends to not cycle repeated rounds. For some reason the cheaper quality of the wal mart rounds just dont cycle in the benelli quite right. Like 1- 5 rounds just wont cycle. Another beef with the cheapie shells is they kick 4x harder than buckshot. Rant on walmart over
  23. I will have to agree; the Benelli Super Sport is the finest shotgun I have ever owned. It has performed very well with clays and I am hoping to take it hunting for some birds.
  24. Super Sport

    50. cal

    ... somebody needs a slap up the side of the head.
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