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SBE Problems


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Last year I got a good deal on an SBE I. I took it out to the marsh and it was great...for about a month. then it started to give me problems. Firepin not hitting the primer occasionally, Also on occasion the bolt would not rotate and when I would try to load another shell into the tube it wouldn't go in. And sometimes it would not eject the shell.


Towards the end of last season I found out about Wolff gun springs. I prdered me a set and installed them. I crossed my fingers.


Well, I'm still having the same problems. I am very frusterated with this gun. You would think that for the price of these firearms they would not have problems like these. I'm at a loss and don't know what to do.


I really like the way the gun feels that is why I chose the Benelli but with all these problems I'm seriously thinking of selling it and getting an Extrema II.


Can anyone help me out and swing my opinion of Benelli?

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Assuming you replaced the recoil spring in the stock?


Have you disassembled and fully cleaned / lubed the bolt group?


The light dents indicate that the bolt is either not closing all the way or it is being jarred back opened slightly.


It doesn't take much of a bump on the butt end to make the bolt creep back open enough to cause a problem.


The Benelli system is simple as can be, and it shouldn't be hard to diagnose and fix the problem.


Is the shell seating into the chamber fully and correctly?

If you drop in a shell, does it go all the way in, or is it sticking?



What kind of finish is on it and how much are you asking?

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Yes, I replaced the mag spring, Hammer spring and recoil spring. I have completely disassembled the bolt group and cleaned, several times.


You ask about fully closing or a light bump on the butt of the stock. When the fireing pin doesn't hit the primer it is always a second or third shot, never the first. Why would the bolt not close all the way? And what causes the gun to stovepipe?

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Could be a number of things.

Some have found that certain ribbed shells create problems.

I've never had problems with any shells, but I think some have had problems with some Federals and Remingtons here.


It could also be that the bolt is slamming shut and then bouncing back open slightly, as there is no mechanism to lock it in place.


I'd do these things before giving up.


1. Polish the chamber using a rag swab and some flitz polish.


2. Check the fit of the barrel to the receiver closely.


3. Replace firing pin and firing pin spring.


4. Try other brands of shells.


5. Send a PM to wallhanger and ask him for further advice. He doesn't post here very often, but he's very knowledgable and great troubleshooter.


6. Call Benelli CS and ask them about sending the gun in for them to have a look. Would have been better to do this one in the off season instead of now though.

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I recently purchased a new SBEII(one month ago) and loved it. That was until I would pull on a bird and "click". I discovered that the bolt was not rotating all the way shut, this has happened maybe only 8-10 times out of around 4 boxes of shells. For 2 grand that is not acceptable in my opinion? Never had that problem with my 30year old winchester pump!

At first it was only on the first shot, I thought that maybe it was because it had josled loose when I bumped the butt on the ground, today it did it on follow up shots. I use remington 3 inch nitro mags so I am pretty sure it's not the shells.

As this is a brand new gun it can't be that something needs replacing (or can it?) Benelli sure isn't impressing me or my Hunting partners.

Any suggestions


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I did that, they just told me to send the gun in, 4-6 week turn around. Season traditionaly ends here around the end of November begining of December (freeze up). I was hoping there was something I could do in the mean time, I guess 'make do' might be my best option.


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No I didn't try that, I have been using 3 inch magnums though and have put around 4 boxes through the gun do you think that would be sufficient. Looking closely at the bolt it seems that the track has a bit of a flat spot at the curve where it rotates the bolt counter clockwise so maybe it is jamming there. I talked to customer service again and they said that they had never come across this problem so the only suggestion was to send the gun back and let them have a look at it. They strongly agree that the gun should not behave this way and will either fix it or replace it, hopefully it won't happen too many more times and I will send it back at the end of our season.

Thanks to everone for taking the time to offer suggestions.

Cheers and good hunting


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