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Urgent! Which Choke? SBEII & Hevi-Shot


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Hi all!


I finally bought an SBEII, LH 24" for Geese and Turkey.


I want to pattern the gun this weekend and just picked up a few boxes of 3.5" #6, Hevi-Shot.


My chokes say not to use the imp. Mod or Full with Steel. Is Hevi-Shot as hard as steel?


1. Which choke should I use? I was advised to go Mod, or even Imp. Cyl. ???


2. Is there a 'Cadillac' of after market choke tubes that I should consider buying especially for Turkey & Geese (pass shooting)?


Thanks all and I am now also a proud Benelli owner smile.gif

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A 24" barrel for pass shooting geese was an interesting choice.


Most good reports have been leaning towards the Rhino .660 choke for turkeys.

For geese, I had good results with the Patternmaster and the factory modified.


I wouldn't shoot Hevi-shot any tighter than factory modified.



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Thanks for the info & link Tucker301.


24" for pass shooting geese- yes, well I could not find a valid reason, aside from weight forward balance to use anything longer.


Geese Pass Shooting:


1. 24" barrel SBE II, just as long a sight plane as a 28" o/u.


2. 24" barrel just as fast (or faster) velocity than a longer barreled shotgun


3. Quicker to get on target and long enough sight plane for me to bust clays at 50 yards.


4. Advantages in a blind for turkey and waterfowl over decoys


versus 28" ???


1. Maybe more swing-through momentum?


Why do most people use a 28-30" barel for pass shooting Geese anyways??????


Thanks, this should be interesting smile.gif


P.S. if there are valid reasons for one, I guess I could just buy a longer barrel.

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I have only tested 12 or so Benellis, but I found the 24" bbl patterned considerably poorer than the 26" and 28" cousins at longer ranges. Just fine at decoy ranges and for close in turkey work, but unacceptable to me at anything much past that.


Don't know why, it's just the way my testing worked out.


I couldn't get a 24" Nova to do anything past 35 yards, I tested a 24" SBE that was fine out to 35, but fell apart fast after that.


My 26" bbl SBE II seems to do fine for turkeys only with the Rhino .660 & Win Ext - I bought and returned 4 other chokes that shot unacceptable patterns.


Have not decided on a waterfowl choke yet, but I will prolly order something from Briley this summer.


mudhen - CA

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