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SBEII - Scope Mount


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I have been lurking on this site for a while gathering info and finally purchased a SBEII. I have been shooting ever since I can remember, first a side by side .410 then sharing my Dad's 12 guage Remington 1100. So I am new to the new change out type chokes, and i have never shot anything but lead loads so I have a couple questions.


I have a red dot scope coming to place on the gun i have the weaver 93 mount but how do you get the original screws out of the gun?


I purchased some Hevi-Shot ammo, is this considered steel or can you cycle these through any choke?


Thanks for your time and responses.

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If your talking about the screws on top of the receiver, you just take them out with a small screw driver. Heavy shot is more like lead than steelshot,

so it is safe to use in most guns, but it patterns really tight so I would use a more open choke than what you would use with lead. I've used it a few times for ducks and geese and have found that for duck out to around 40 yards an Improved Cylinder choke seems to work best in my gun and for geese I use a modified so I can put more of the pellets on the bird. I don't know what kind of hunting you do,but for waterfowl Heavyshot is the best stuff I've ever used, when you hit the bird it puts them down. It's pretty expensive, but the way I look at it is that I go through fewer shells to fill a limit with heavyshot and cripple fewer birds so it's worth the added cost. Also, turkey hunters that I've talked to say it's extremely deadly, and with the tighter chokes designed for Heavy shot they were getting clean kills out to 70 yards. The best thing to do is pattern some heavy shot through the different chokes and see which one is best for the type of hunting you'll be doing.

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More than likely, the gun has plugs instead of screws in the receiver.

Disassemble the receiver and remove the bolt.

Then push the plastic plugs out from the insdide using a small punch or screwdriver.

Keep up with them to put back in should you ever want to sell the gun.


I'm going to assume you're not using the red dot for duck hunting?


Hevi-shot is fine through any choke.


Look for mudhen's posts on turkey chokes for more good information.

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I purchased the gun probably three weeks ago and haven't been able to put the first bullet through it. I have been seriously jonesing to get out maybe this weekend.


i have purchased a rhino plug at a 0.660 constriction and don't want to mess my barrell up with the Hevi-Shot. The majority of hunting w/the shot gun will be bird / varmit and lead. But i will be hunting the turkey as well, which is why i wanted the 3.5" capability.

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Just came back from shooting my SBEII, what a gun.


Shot a #5 Hevi-Shot 3-1/2" shell twice through a 0.660 Rhino Turkey Choke. The first at 50 yards had 15+ in the kill area and the second shot was over 70 yards with 10+ in the kill zone. Both shoots were from a standing position.


Then shot a few clays with a 7 shot 2-3/4" shell never had a cycle problem and busted the clays.


Couldn't be happier with the gun, better than expected.

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