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M1 90 Magazine Spring


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I have a M1 Field that is approximately four years old. The gun has occasionally jammed on the third shot for the past three years. The shell will either jam as it enters the chamber or the bolt will lock back as if the gun were empty. I returned the gun to Benelli for repair two years ago but the problem persists. After reading a post from a gentleman with similar problems it was suggested that the magazine spring might be malfunctioning. I sprayed action cleaner into the magazine tube and rust-like debris rinsed out. My question is could the magazine spring indeed be the problem? If so, how difficult is the spring to replace and what tools are required?

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The magazine spring is easily replaced.

Simply unscrew the mag. cap, pop out the retainer from the end of the tube, and the spring flies out and across the room!

Seriously, hold your hand over the retaining cap as you pry it out, and the spring won't poke you in the forehead.

Clean or replace the spring (available from Brownells, Benelli dealers, Sure Cycle, etc.). Clean and lube the tube and the plastic follower.

Reassemble and bang, bang, bang.


That said, it's not the sort of thing that Benelli would have overlooked when they had it, but if rusty gunk came out, it couldn't hurt.

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