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Montefeltro - Question about SBE II Sling


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While purchasing my SBEII, the gun shop sold me the Butler Creek Rifle Sling in Black. The UPC code is 51525 81013


This model has:

  • Uncle Mike's QD Super Swivels size 1"
  • Shock Absorption
  • Quiet Silent Pad
  • Non Slip Grippers to keep the gun on your shoulder
  • Quick Adjustment Strap

The clips fit on my SBEII. By fit, I mean that I have put the sling on my SBEII to see that the sling clips fit on the gun. However, I did not keep the sling on the gun nor carry the gun with the sling.


So I cannot vouch for the comfort or tell you if there would be any issues when carry the gun.


I could not find the exact model matching the UPC label from my sling, however, I believe the links below are the same one I own.


In the pictures from the links below, my sling is the far left one in black with three large loops. I cannot see any difference between the Rifle and Shotgun other than the price.


Comfort Stretch Rifle Slings


Comfort Stretch Shotgun Slings


Regards, threeshot

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I purchased a Final Approach sling that includes Uncle Mike swivels that do not fit the SBE II.


No problem with the magazine cap, but the swivel will not close on the attachment point on the stock.


Last week I noticed that the older Uncle Mike swivel are slightly different than the new one on the sling I just purchased.


I am still looking for one that fits...

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