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R1 Tests Revisited


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I'm pleased to report that my R1 has redeemed itself at the range! I found the Leupold scope base and re-mounted the 3-9 X 50 using Leupold base and rings. Although the base required a shim in the rear to allow for vertical adjustment, the look, feel, and qulaity of the Leupold mount is far superior to the picatinny rail mount furnished with the R1.


Following suggestion and ideas from fellow R1 owner phenom101, I returned to the range with a newfound optimism.

The Remington 150 gr AccuTips performed much better than the Hornady and Federal. The groups tightened up to about 1".

I also believe that tightening the barrel lock follower two clicks beyond the factory index improved things considerably.

The tip about placing an o-ring under the forearm cap screw also proved to be worthwhile. No problems with it working loose during firing anymore!

I sincerely hope Benelli is taking notes on these "beta" tests we are perfoming, and hopefully will be incorporating some of these tweaks into the next generation of R1's.

I was just about ready to take my lump$ and trade my R1 back in on the new Browning, but after this positive experience on the range, the R1 is this season's primary deer rifle.

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Hey Hey , I'm happy to read your post Tucker301 . If You find any more good factory- made loads , please post'em . What caliber is your R1 ? 300 WM ?


I am using picatinny rail just to make my reloading easier and because i only hunt big game with iron sights . Sure , at first i was a bit sceptical so i took the whole setup and mounted it on my varmint rifle CZ 527A .223 ( i went thru **** trying to mount pica rail on that weapon ). i've shot maybe 20 5 shot groups , mounting/dismounting my scope after each group .Anyways , the rail combined with QRW Leupold quick release rings proved to be outstanding . Also i ran a test on a 7mm with same result .So far i had no problems using pica rail on my R1 rifle.

Theres no doubt , permanent setup Was and Will always be the best way to go no matter what , but for me quick release rings plus rail is the second best solution. Some people say that "see thru " rings work great , well maybe for them . I spent 50 $ on a set and threw this junk away. 5 MOA accuracy just isn't my thing .


Theres couple more advantages to pica rail .

1. It's easier/faster to aquire target with open sights thanks to the inside groove . I felt like i was shooting a shotgun ( it's Benelli , go figure Hehe !! )

2. If i wound an animal at close range , i can snap my scope on the rifle quickly to take a long shot . I had this episode a few times while hunting a russian boar , if wounded , they tend to stop after 100-200m giving a chance to finish the job ( or charge at you , hence the need for open sights :D ).


I want to buy original set of open sights that come with european model Argo ( both sets ) .. Does Anyone here has any close-up pics ??


House Md Dicussion

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Mine's the 30-06. I'm in VA and our whitetails go maybe 180-200 absolute max.

I'm happy with the Remingtons, so I dobt I'll try much else. I used to do a lot of handloading when I shot competitively, but I've been out of that for a while and factory ammo has improved considerably since then.

If I try anything else it will be PMC. They used to make some ****ed good stuff when I was shooting groundhogs with a .243 Varmit Special.

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