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Question about the R1 action


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My R1's bolt stays open after the last shot. This is normal behaviour as I understand it.

However, if the magazine is ejected while the bolt is open, the bolt subsequently slams shut.

Is this also normal behaviour?


BTW: My R1 took its first victim Saturday. A nice 8 pointer at 200 yds. Impact was within an inch of where I expected it to be. He dashed off about twenty paces and crashed.

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Majority of small arms full and semi-auto actions remain open after last round cycled from a mag.


Your bolt should Not close by itself upon release of magazine tho , theres got to be something wrong. It could be light spring in the magazine causing the problem or lack of oil on lever responsible for lifting the action safety block.


Congrats on that 8 pointer , bet it was alot of fun to see your shot right on the money huh ? :D



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