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M4 Magazine Extension


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Originally posted by M4Miami:

therightgun.com has then for $175 each. I picked up two after i got smoked on ebay and missed having to pay $350 for one. Hope he still has some for ya. Good luck

But a "2 SHOT EXTENSION TUBES FOR THE Benelli m4 Limited Edition" does'nt seem like a Benelli factory +2 extention to me. It'll definately save you some duckets tho!!! smile.gif YMMV.


[ 01-12-2006, 04:04 AM: Message edited by: JustPassingBy ]

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I was cautious as well until I checked his feedback and then spoke to the seller directly...he said they are factory extensions, had a picure of it sealed in the factory packaging. You need to click thru the website not just read the notes on the his home page.


Should be arriving here today...will let you guys know if the product is not factory but I am pretty confident.

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Originally posted by JustPassingBy:

Originally posted by M4Miami:

Update - just received my shipment from and happy to report the extensions are indeed factory, still sealed in the original packaging. If therightgun.com still has them I suggest you call him quick!!!

smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif ¡Felicitaciones! smile.gif smile.gif : ¡Afortunado! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif


GREAT JOB!! Grazi Grazi...


I bet ya they are all gone by now..spoke with the seller and he said he got a mad rush of orders.

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