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M2 magazine capacity


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With the plug in, how many 3" shells can you load in the M2 magazine?


My SBEII with the plug in the standard magazine tube will hold in the magazine tube (I think; it's be awhile since I put the plug back into the gun):

  • (2) 3 1/2"
  • (2) 3"
  • (2) 2 3/4"

Without the plug in the standard magazine tube, I can load into the SBEII magazine tube:

  • (2) 3 1/2"
  • (2) 3"
  • (3) 2 3/4"

Edited to correct my original posting. I had the wrong numbers when the plug is in the standard magazine for the 3 1/2" & 3" shells.


[ 08-14-2004, 11:52 AM: Message edited by: threeshot ]

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Thanks for the quick reply! Well I went ahead and bouught the M2 with a 26 in. barrel on friday, and shot skeet with it saturday. I loved the gun. Dropped one bird in the first box and was straight in the second. And for me that is great. I did notice that my saftey was stiff, but not sure if this will loosen up with use. I have seen some talk of this by others. Does anyone know if the gun that I just bought came with the corrected saftey, or will I have to send it back to be fixed?

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