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Recoil Reducer and muzzle brake choke


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There is a lot of debate about trying to reduce reoil for shotguns. I suggest doing a search here and at shotgunworld.com and read different opinions and then try to decide. I believe if you search for lengthening forcing cones, porting, overboring, mercury recoil reduces, ported chokes, and recoil. I would start with recoil first you might find your answers.

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In response to Irish's suggestion of a search. I have 2 SBE ll's with recoil reducers both in the stock and up front. I installed an 8oz. reducer in the stock and added an 8oz. reducer in the magazine to (1) reduce & absorb recoil, (2) give the gun some weight to also reduce recoil, and (3) give the gun some balance. My guns cycle fine with all ammo. Porting will only help reduce barrel jump and redirect the sound, not reduce recoil. Lengthening the forcing cone may cause cycling problems and is not recommended on chromed bore barrels. Overboring would most likely cause numerous problems on an inertia type gun. Hope this gives you some insight.--GB

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