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Nova Malfunction?????


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hi all,

just got a 20ga nova and got to working it out today on the skeet field when i got a round to feed under a closed bolt [loaded chamber] as i was stuffing the magazine.this happened twice.

like the shell lifter came down prematurely.


playing a little more afterwards i noticed:


--after loading the chamber directly,closing the action,and

loading one in the magazine,

the shell elevator/lifter doesnt come back down until after a round is fired and shucked.



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Yes. It's common for the elevator to stay up until a round is fired.

As far as having a shell slip back out of the magazine, that is not normal. Are you sure it was pushed in all the way?

If you're sure, take it back and let the dealer inspect it for proper function.

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Thanks, ive already went thru the trouble of stripping the lock,looking for some stray plastic from the molding process,didnt find much.

oh well, my advice is dont do that as it is a p.i.t.a.

to reassemble.

nevertheless,i got the phenomena to repeat itself,but it seems a rare occurence:

if I insert the cartridge slowly,it is possible [with me skinny waif thumbs]to not push up the shell carrier to where it will stick. so it snaps back against my thumb before i get the rim past the mag stop.

Inserting the shells with more force works every time.

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