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are 2 mag ext on lim m1014 legal?


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just bought my lim. m1014. and purchased the 2 rd mag extension. First is it legal for non L.E to have this installed on gun, I spoke to benelli and they said it is, but i have nothing in writting from them. Second, how does A mech. moron like me install this 2 mag ext. Thanks!

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304880.jpg okay,,remove the magazine cap,,remove the barrel,,twist off the ugly black fake mag extension,,theres gonna be magazine spring cap at the end of your short stock tube,,,,remove it,,watch out for the spring fling,,screw on your new extension,,use the same spring,,put the rest back together,,except for that silly magazine spring cap retainer that you found when you removed the fakkie,,by doing this and just using your magazine cap as the end for the spring to rest,,you can have 7 round tube capacity,,+1+1=9 total,,you'll love it,,that M1014 will soak 100 rounds like nothing flat,,---------peace man M1014
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Originally posted by deltawolf:

thoes are some nice looking guns, two questions,

how much?

and do they jam alot?

Paid $1100 slightly used with NO MORE than 50 rounds through her. Prior owner had to sell it 5 months after buying it due to a medical emergency and needed the funds badly. I felt badly for the guy but could NOT pass on this deal. :eek:


I fed this thing all sorts of loads and have had ZERO problems thus far.


This IS the Benelli to get hands down!!!

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