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Nova Firing Pin

Rhett Good

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Originally posted by Rhett Good:

I have owned a Benelli Nova for 3 years, and I have had the firing pin break on me twice. Both times it happened right before my annual quail hunt. Needless to say, I am very disapointed in Benelli and the gun.


Has anyone else had similar problems? :(

There are a couple of threads about Nova pin only denting the primer and not firing, Did your pin actually break? What is broken?
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I've been out of the country and not on this forum in a-while. I'm not familar with the thread on the primer's being dented. In my experience if the primer gets hit (and theres a dent) then its not the gun but the primers are bad. I've got a S&W 686 that I did a trigger job on. I made the single action pull "unsafely" light. When I tried firing it the primers wouldn't have much of a mar on them, let alone a dent. If your firing pin did indeed break, order a new one and replace it. Benelli is a good, reliable brand but your bound to have a little quality control issues here and there. Maybe try Brownells for the firing pin. They've got tons oh stuff and decent prices. I've ran about 500 rounds through a nova H20 and have had 0 problems. I'm actually suprised at how well the nickel finish has held up.

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